What to bet on with NHL Lockout?

August 15th, 2012 by Brent | Filed under NHL Betting.

As it stands right now it looks like there will either be an NHL lockout and no 2012-2013 NHL season, or the season will start later than normal similar to what the NBA did this year.

This is really awful news, and I couldn’t imagine ANOTHER lockout in the NHL.  No one likes Gary Bettman and his image continues to get hurt again (although not all of the blame can fall on him).

Not only does this suck for NHL fans, it is even worse for us hockey fans that love doing some sports betting on the games too.  Here in Canada one of the best things to do in the Winter months is throw in some wagers on a week night or weekend and channel flip between a handful of NHL games.

With that most likely gone this season (or delayed) we have to look else where for our sports betting action – so what can we bet on during the NHL months?

Well the most obvious is Football.  Whether it be NFL or College Football both leagues get started at the start of September and run all the way into the New Year.

Football isn’t much different than NHL betting as you can place money line wagers on teams, bet the over/under total points scored, and throw a few wagers in a parlay for a big payout.

There is an added dimension with football betting called “betting against the spread”.  Those familiar with puck line betting will get the basics, but I will try and explain spread betting.  Basically one of the two teams will be favored by a certain number of points.  Lets say we have Dallas and Pittsburgh playing each other, with Pittsburgh favored by 4.5 points at home.  When betting against the spread you can choose either Pittsburgh to win by 4.5 points or more (so virtually 5+ points) or you can bet on Dallas to either lose by 4 points or less or outright win the game.  A Pittsburgh 27-20 win would mean they covered the 4.5 spread and all bets against the spread on Pittsburgh would win and the bets on Dallas on the spread would lose.

Other then Football we will be able to get our money in on some October and November playoff baseball.  If you aren’t a baseball fan I urge you to try and watch some MLB games in the playoffs, as they can get very exciting.  I’ve been successful winning money betting on the MLB for the past few seasons and, although I love the game without betting, throwing some money on the games makes it very interesting.

Lastly we have the NBA and College Basketball to keep us busy in the winter months as well.  Basketball betting is very similar to Football betting, as a majority of the bets are done against the spread.  Look out for the Lakers this year – it will be tough to bet against them with Dwight Howard added to an already solid lineup.

Lets cross our fingers that the NHL can get a deal worked out and we still have NHL games to watch and enjoy, but if not you can get your betting fix elsewhere to keep your mind off hockey!


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